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Deep Cleaning

If it is your first time booking with us, or you are looking for something that is minute, then a deep clean is the option we recommend. It is our most detail-oriented clean designed to ensure that your house sparkles up to our standards. The checklist for this option is very exhaustive and it anticipates everything you are looking for in a clean.

Standard Cleaning

After a deep clean, your house will probably need basic touches every now and again. While the standard clean is less intensive than the deep clean, it is satisfactorily adequate as a basic clean. We recommend that you book biweekly or monthly to keep your house’s glow alive. Our standard clean is affordable enough to carter for your maintenance needs.

Move In/Out Clean

At Wane Cleaners, we understand the pressure that comes with moving in and out of houses or apartments. Our Move In/ Move Out clean anticipates all your stressors with regards to cleaning and ensures that everything checks out stress free. This option is quite detailed and encompasses everything. The checklist includes (but is not limited to) baseboards, interior, blinds, interior / exterior cabinets or closets, light fixtures, inside appliances and ceiling fans. Everyone deserves to move into a house that is sick-and-span, and our Move In/ Move Out Clean ensures this seamlessly.